Durham Concrete Contractors

Durham Concrete Company is a well-founded concrete professional that you can trust in Durham NC.

Proudly serving Durham, NC, Durham Concrete Company guarantees its customers the very highest standard of concrete construction. We take our acknowledgement as being the very best Concrete company Durham NC with pride, serving not just Durham, but the surrounding areas up to a 20K radius.


As the best local concrete company in the Durham area, we offer a wide range of services and can turn our hands to all sizes of projects. To ensure 100% customer satisfaction, when you choose Durham Concrete Company as your concrete flooring company, we will work alongside you throughout your project, from the planning stages to the finishing touches. We are the best concrete floor company in Durham and the surrounding area, our knowledge and expertise ensuring we get the job at hand completed professionally and in a timely manner. If you are about to search for a concrete company near me, look no further; our team is here, ready to take on your project.

Unmatched Service

Durham Concrete Contractors

We are not the only company in Durham NC offering concrete service, but we stand out from the crowd thanks to our exceptional customer service and quality control. When you choose our local concrete services in Durham, there will be no hidden fees and no forever-changing deadlines. We set a timeline and keep to it, and what’s more, we will give you the full price you will pay before we start work.


Services we Offer:

  • Concrete Foundation
  • Sidewalks
  • Concrete Staining
  • Concrete Steps

Full Service Guarantee

The service we provide to our clients is impeccable in every way, our decades of hands-on experience ensuring we provide a quality of work that is second-to-none, tailored to your bespoke needs, that fits in with your budget, and timescale. When you choose our concrete company Durham NC you will enjoy:


A wide range of concrete services, including repairs and flatwork services. We will be with you throughout the duration of your project, ensuring that we meet your every need for increased productivity. When you put your trust in our Durham concrete team, your experience is guaranteed to be organized and hassle-free. Our team has decades of combined experience in all types of concrete work, ensuring your deadlines are met, and that productivity is maximized during the project. Collaboration with concrete experts. Our contractors provide services to a wide and diverse range of industries, and with so many years of experience, we can wholeheartedly ensure a service that is exceptional and one that will ensure you go on to recommend us.

Standard Concrete projects for Various Industries

Below are some of the different industries that we lend our services to:

  • Retail and Commercial: Choose our local Durham NC concrete services when you are looking to upgrade your business property. We can ensure added structural performance and durability to your building. Our contractors will deliver flatwork that is both durable and functional, as well as heavy-duty work for warehouse floors, truck parking lots, and loading lots.


  • Property Management: Our outstanding concrete services ensure easier work on all types of projects from access ramps for the disabled to curbs, parking spaces, sidewalks, and more. We are here to ensure your projects run seamlessly, ensuring that you as a property manager can concentrate on the everyday running of your business.


  • Multi-location Properties: Our extensive knowledge of concrete works ensures that you will never have to lookup more than one contractor for your Durham concrete works again. We can take care of all your concrete needs in and around Durham, NC including sidewalks, driveways, curbs, and parking lots.


  • General Contractors: Whatever type of project you have in mind, you can trust us to make the best and most informed decisions. We can work to even the tightest of budgets, offering the best quality work for all your remodeling and concrete projects such as curbs, driveways, and parking lots.


  • Home Builders: Whilst your home builders get on with improving and remodeling your hope, we chain our energies into providing you with the best flatwork services such as porches, garages, and taking care of your driveway.
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If you are in need of a reputable concrete contractor in Durham and the surrounding area, call us to today to book a consultation for you tailored project. We are based in Durham, NC, and you can contact us by phone (919) 205-8892, or by email, info.durhamconcretecompany@gmail.com