Dealing with concrete defects tend to occur due to surface curing and smoothing issues. The concrete surface defects are generally listed as dusting, peeling, blooming, blistering, plastic shrinkage cracks, joint damage, hardened concrete cranks etc.


In case the concrete surface defects are not repaired in the right way, your concrete gets affected by external factors. This damage will enlarge, causing corrosion, and the structure will be affected. In today’s article, our Durham Concrete Company experts will help you understand how to perfectly prepare and fix the concrete surface.



Top Concrete Defects you should know and How to Fix



This is known as map or pattern cracking. And it happens when there is closely spaced shallow cracks form in an uneven manner. Overall, crazing happens due to quicker hardening of the top surface of concrete because of high temperature. Pattern cracking can be prevented by proper curing, dampening subgrade to typically resist absorption of excess water from concrete.




This is when the top surface of the concrete is separated from any underlying concrete. Besides, hardening the concrete top layer before hardening the underlying concrete leads to delamination.


This is because air bleeding and water from underlying concrete will get struck between the two surfaces, forming space. Delamination can be avoided by utilizing appropriate finishing techniques.




Cracking is generally formed on the concrete surface due to different reasons. The top reasons include omission of contraction and expansion joints, improper mix design, unsuitable sub-grade, utilize of excess slump concrete mix, among others. To avoid cracking, you need to use low water and maximize coarse aggregate concrete mix. The surface should also be prevented by rapid evaporation of the moisture content.




This is the formation of loose and fine powdered concrete on hardened concrete via disintegration. Basically, this happens because of an excess amount of water presence in the concrete. And it causes to bleeding of the water from concrete. To prevent dusting, someone is advised to use the water-reducing admixtures to eventually obtain an adequate slump. Also, you can consider using better finishing methods and start finishing after removing bleed water right from the concrete surface.



Preparing concrete surface

You should use the best concrete repairing methods for your structure to perform well and be long-lasting. Also, consider the quality of concrete material and professional workmanship. Otherwise, your concrete surface will defect within no time, leading to extra costs for repair.



Different ways to restore concrete

Periodic Resealing

Concretes need periodic sealing simply because it is a porous material to repel the destructive forces of various elements and stay intact. Therefore, a quality sealant can help to replace after a couple of years to prevent wear and tear. Resealing makes your concrete surface look shiny and new. Talk to us today for affordable and professional resealing services.




If your concrete surface has moderate wear and tear, the surfacing can be a less costly and perfect solution. This process is done by adding another fresh layer of quality concrete material to make your driveway strong and new.



Professional Pressure Washing

Sometimes concrete dinginess comes from the ground-in grime. In this case, getting a deep cleaning can be the perfect solution to aid your concrete foundation sparkle again. Hiring professional pressure washing experts to have though cleaning and avoid damage to the concrete surface. Powers washes are strong, thus giving you the perfect outcome.



Crack Repair

Patching cracks aids keep hairline cracks from worsening because of the weather conditions. However, if your concrete has several cracks, a large repair will be needed to restore it. Besides, there are two types of repair concrete surface mortar, thick and thin. Overall, for the fine cracks, cements slurry is poured into cracks to cover and cure your concrete. And, for the penetrating or deep cracks, epoxy resin is applied to seal that surface.



Concrete defects affect the sense of your home view and extra repairing cost. It can also affect the concrete performance and the service life. The above guide will help you understand more about concrete surface defects. We will restore your concrete view to look fresh, new, and durable if you have an issue with a concrete surface. Contact us now.