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Mobile Home Foundations At A Glance

Is it possible to Put a Foundation under a preexisting Mobile home?

Mobile homes are a renowned living space for people who want to live within a budget. However, the said homes are susceptible to natural disasters and a wide range of other unanticipated occurrences. Therefore, many homeowners opt to build a stable Foundation under their Mobile structures before settling there.

The process of putting up a foundation under an existing Mobile home

Setting up a foundation under an existing Mobile home is an excellent way for homeowners to make their homes stronger and less gullible to being knocked off by natural disasters. While this was not a home improvement job that was not widely known a few years ago, many Mobile homeowners now consider it necessary to secure the durability of their homes.

To set up a foundation under an existing Mobile home, you will need to start by lifting the home off the ground. This step is subject to approval by the council since How the plumbing and electric systems will be affected is a major concern.

After lifting the structure, you can bring in the required material. Homeowners can pick between a concrete mobile home foundation, pier foundation, or an additional basement. Some structures may also have crawl spaces, mostly with a preexisting site-built foundation.

Once the foundation is in place, the home structure is placed on top of the just-completed structure, and the project will be complete. The structure may require approval, and you may need to liaise with the local council for furthest guidance.

Below are the advantages and disadvantages of adding groundwork to an existing Mobile home


  • A Foundation makes the structure more stable to withstand natural disasters like floods and earthquakes.
  • A Foundation adds value to your home, making it more valuable for future reselling.
  • The addition of a Foundation creates extra space in the basement for additional room and storage.


  • Building a Foundation can be expensive, subject to the kind of foundation you decide to add to your existing home.
  • The construction process may take longer, necessitating finding a temporary living space.
  • In the event of a poorly installed foundation, for instance, with beam foundations, the foundation may move, thus creating a non-leveled structure.
  • Despite being costly and taking a lot of time to build, the benefits of an additional  Foundation under an existing Mobile home are many. Further, even though it is not a mandatory property improvement project, a Mobile home Foundation is an excellent addition to your property.