Sidewalks and handicap walkways in Durham, NC

ADA Sidewalks and Pathways-- Handicap Sidewalks

Making visual cuts in sidewalks with a minimum width of 5′ is an adjustment that the Department of Justice thinks about conveniently attainable for businesses and also because of this need to be a concern for new construction and also existing centers. Accessible sidewalks are specified as 5′ or larger with the exception of existing sidewalks. Walkways and sidewalks should also be slip-resistant to be in compliance. Additionally, pathway inclines must be at 2.0% or less.

Our competent personnel can give any type of improvement needs for ADA compliances. With brand-new codes highly enforced, lots of companies need modifications. Durham Concrete Company can provide all compliances from handicap walkway installation and asphalt ramps to ADA patterns and also indications.

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Durham Concrete Company will certainly assist your commercial/residential or privately had business comply with pathway as well as walkway ADA laws at a competitive rate in Durham, NC Area.