Your factory floor is an active, dynamic place. There are forklifts moving pallets, you have employees walking around everywhere, and these days you probably even have machines moving about. When corners are exposed on the edges of your concrete floor it can be a tripping hazard for workers. Concrete floor grout comes in handy in situations like these, as it can hide the exposed edge of your concrete floor, turning it into a smooth surface that’s safe for everyone to walk and work on.


The Benefits of Concrete Coatings

Safety: It’s the number one reason why industrial facilities choose concrete floor coating. Concrete floors are notoriously hard on the body and can cause serious injuries. The concrete coating helps reduce slips, trips and falls by making the surface more slip-resistant than bare concrete. It also reduces dust and provides a textured surface that makes it easier to walk on in safety boots or shoes with less grip.


Reduced Maintenance Costs: Concrete coatings last longer than traditional concrete, so they require less maintenance over time. This reduces costs associated with cleaning and buffing floors daily or weekly. 


It also means less time spent replacing damaged equipment (like forklifts) due to scratches from moving around on rough surfaces or from falling offloading docks into potholes created by heavy equipment moving across them over time due to their poor condition resulting from lack of regular maintenance over time before application of the coating system.


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