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What Are The Benefits Of Using Commercial Concrete Slabs

What Are The Benefits Of Using Commercial Concrete Slabs

Without a doubt, almost everyone is now using commercial concrete for flooring because of its numerous benefits. At Durham concrete Company, we specialize in concrete slaps for commercial flooring. With many years of experience in decorative concrete, whether for commercial purposes or homes, we believe that we are the best at what we do. Come to Durham Concrete Company Suppose you need a customized concrete slap, either for interior or external decorative, to make your place unique and precisely according to your specifications. In that case, Durham Concrete Company is best suited for this type of job. 

Here are some of the benefits of using commercial slaps for flooring:

Polished concrete is cost-effective

When polished, a concrete floor will deliver adequate ROI because of reduced energy cost, durability, and maintenance cost. When a Commercial concrete slab is polished, it helps the lighting system due to its high reflectivity. It means you do not need to use a lot of bulbs for lighting hence helps in cutting down the electricity bill. When the concrete is polished, it is easy to clean, leaving the floor shiny and in good condition. • Durability
When it comes to concrete slaps, you do not have to think about replacing them any time soon since this type of flooring is made to resist so many harsh conditions. The polished concrete floor is resistant to discolouring, staining and chipping even under rough conditions. You only need to refinish the concrete floor after around twelve years with a light diamond polish.

Environmental friendly
Concrete slap is made from water, a mixture of sand and cement and gravel. All these ingredients are readily available and renewable; hence do not cause many hazards to the environment. Cement is mainly limestone, clay, iron ore, and sand, which are natural resources, safe to the environment, and 100% recyclable. Due to the reflective nature of polished concrete, you need less energy to provide lighting in the room, which helps preserve electricity energy, thereby saving on the resources used in electricity production. 

Safety benefits
At Durham concrete company, the safety of your floor is one of the things we look at deeply when constructing your floor. Concrete flooring for a commercial slap is an excellent HSE-compliance for a safe floor. When the floor is polished, there are no dust residues, and the floor is not slippery. It helps protect against bodily injuries caused by slipping and falling while still avoiding respiratory diseases caused by dust and concrete residues. Most people also prefer commercial concrete slaps because they are fireproof. Concrete does not catch fire easily; hence, it becomes easy to control the fire in case of a fire hazard.

Wide variety of designs and shapes
With concrete slabs, it’s easy to make different shapes and designs. Decorative concrete and many other innovative additions products are readily available in the market. You can easily customize your floor with specific shapes and colours that suit your specifications. You can choose from a wide variety of decorative and our company at Durham concrete company can help you customize your floor to your specification. 

Thermal comfort
The ability of building material to regulate thermal energy is what we call thermal mass. It helps in controlling the amount of heat or cold in the house. Concrete slaps have good thermal mass and help in providing regular indoor comfort by absorbing heat or cold from outside. With a proper design and layout, a concrete slap will work well in almost all climates to create comfortable indoor temperatures in the house.

At Durham concrete company, we have years of experience in dealing with all types of concrete slabs, decorative and our services are loved by many. Contact us now or call us (919) 205-8892 for all your concrete slap needs, and we will be happy to give you quality and value for your money.